People Who Has Switched To Flexible Health Plans.


We met Alyssa when…

We received an inquiry for health insurance form Alyssa during the 4th quarter of 2018 while the company she worked for was hosting their annual open enrollment for medical benefits. Her employer had two medical plan designs for her family to choose from but both plans had per person deductibles of $4000 per person and cost to her family was $356 per week (this $1400 per month is her cost even with her employers contribution).

Instead of renewing her company medical plan we enrolled her family into a $10,000 high deductible Flexible Health Plan that only costs her family $307 per month. By switching to this new health plan we saved the family over $1100 per month in health insurance premiums.

Although her new deductible of $10,000 is higher than her previous medical deductible which was $4,000 per person, Alyssa didn’t mind the additional risk because she said her family is healthy and they have never gone over $1500 per year in medical expenses. Not to mention, with the savings in premium of over $1000 per month, she now has extra cash to pay for any medical insurances if they come up.

If for some reason someone in their family gets sick and needs more comprehensive coverage, she can always switch back to her old health plan during open enrollment or maybe sooner if she qualifies for a special enrollment period (which there are some loop holes to qualify for this if necessary).