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Benefit Awareness is a Wisconsin based insurance broker and consulting firm created to provide small businesses and families access to cutting-edge insurance, and benefit programs that previously have not existed in the South-Eastern Wisconsin marketplace.

Benefit Awareness is committed to driving meaningful change to improve the quality of health, and cost of services for our membership community.

Our Services

Benefit Awareness is a modern health insurance agency that aims to provide our clients with the best quality insurance and employee benefit programs available here in Wisconsin. As an insurance broker we offer a variety of insurance programs and we exceed industry standards by providing our clients with premium financial education, insurance management tools, and technology resources that keep their insurance payments at a minimum.

Our insurance agents represent a wide variety of insurance companies so our clients will always have options and choices when it comes to purchasing insurance.

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What Is Benefit Awareness?

Perception is everything. When it comes to workplace benefits, employers and employees are not on the same page. Many employees undervalue what is a significant investment for employers, especially health insurance.

Benefit Awareness effectively closes the benefit package perception gap by offering customized and comprehensive benefits packages and communication strategies that positively impact recruitment and retention in the workplace. Not to mention, increased productivity, engagement, as well as employee satisfaction.

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Lifestyle Optimization Programs

Today’s health-centric economy is growing, and insurance companies are beginning to offer discounts to companies who implement wellness programs. Benefit Awareness provides you with a unique, ready-to-implement wellness program that will lower your costs on healthcare services.

Benefit Awareness specializes in providing your employees with engaging lifestyle tools and resources necessary to maintain the best health they can.

Our services will enhance your current benefit program by encouraging employees to strive for great health and wellness, and effectively lowering health care costs.

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