Level Funded Medical Plans

Benefit Awareness has saved small businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars on their health benefits by partnering with various A - rated health insurance carriers which until now, had only been available to large major corporations!

Supplemental Insurance Programs

Benefit Awareness looks to offer opportunities that help member employers and their employees improve their program design, performance, and administration through participation in our innovative programs and services such as:

  • Dental and Vision Plans

  • Hospital Plans

  • Emergency Medical & Catastrophic Medical Plans

  • Cancer and Critical Illness Insurance Plans

  • Medical Reimbursement Plans

  • Accident Insurance Plans

  • Tele-Med Programs

  • Discounted Lab & Ancillary Insurance Programs

  • Limited Duration & Short Term Medical Plans

Hybrid Custom Medical Plans

We use various insurance companies and administrators to provide our clients with lower cost medical insurance programs and combine then with supplemental programs that drive down health care costs for individuals, families, and small businesses.

Income Planning & Asset Protection

Business owners have responsibilities and obligations to protecting their businesses, as well as their families. Benefit Awareness helps you protect your family at home AND your business family with our comprehensive risk planning and income planning services:

insurance planning for business owners .jpg
  • Disability Insurance Planning

  • Executive Bonus & Life Insurance Benefits Planning

  • Key Man Insurance Programs

  • Guarantee Issue Life Insurance Plans

  • Short & Long Term Life Insurance Planning

  • Business “Buy-Sell” Life Insurance Planning

  • Long Term Care Insurance & Planning

  • Annuities & Income Planning

  • Living Benefits