As an independent agency, we are your advocate when it comes to insurance. Specializing in individual, family and small business health plans, you can rest assure that we will help you find the plan that is best for you and your budget.

“Awareness” is crucial when shopping for health insurance, so you need to know ALL of your options. Our agents show ALL CHOICES necessary to make your decision when purchasing your health insurance policy. In other words, when you request a quote from us you will receive quotes from all the “marketplace plans” (aka Obamacare Care Plans) as well as quotes from the new “limited duration mini med plans” (aka Trump Care Plans). During the quoting process we will also help you learn about supplemental plans that could add protection if we see any gaps in coverage. As an independent agent not only will we provide you with quotes from multiple companies, but we can provide you unbiased advice during your decision process because we are not limited to the insurance companies that we represent.

Flexible Health Plans: because one size doesn’t fit all.

Flexible Health Plans provide a new way to evaluate what insurance benefits are right for you. We’ll walk you through the different insurance programs available to you and what role they can play in your life to help you minimize costs, maximize savings, and protect everything you’ve worked for.

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FACT: The White House made a small change to the healthcare bill (just last year) that provides new options to the way we all purchase our health insurance!

FACT: Most Wisconsin families say that the cost of their health insurance is too much for them t0 afford, and they are right. Until the recent health care changes in 2019, families had limited options. Now Wisconsin families have more options when it comes to purchasing health insurance.

FACT: Flexible Health Plans are saving families (and businesses) upwards of 80% per month on their health insurance rates.

SO WHAT? Our programs can be customized to fit your individual needs and budgets. By giving you the option to choose what you want covered in your insurance policies, Flexible Health Plans provide now give you choice and freedom of plan designs that will lower health insurance premiums.

Life is unpredictable. But we will help you prepare for the unexpected.

Emotionally managing an unforeseen sickness or injury is very challenging, but having financial pressure on top of health concerns can be overwhelming. Flexible Health Plans offers a range of supplemental health insurance products that help offset costs not covered by major medical or short term health insurance coverage. Whether you’re navigating through an accident, critical illness, extended hospital stay or cancer diagnosis, we make sure you are prepared so that you’ll be able to spend less time worrying about finances and more time focused on your health and recovery.

Why Purchase Health Insurance?

If something unexpected happens to you – like a car accident or a serious illness – hospital expenses can quickly rack up but having the right insurance policy can prevent staggering expenses in emergency situations. Our major medical and limited duration medical insurance programs provide benefits for a broad range of health-care services, from inpatient and outpatient services to urgent care visits and follow up testing with medical imaging. In addition to catastrophic medical coverage our agents can help you create an efficient health plan which can save you money on routine doctor's visits, prescription drug coverage, preventative care and other medical services as well.

Create A Custom Health Plan: Here’s How It Works.

  1. We start by asking you a few simple questions.

  2. We then analyze your answers and determine the best options for you.

  3. We compare, share, and save all your plans until you’re ready to buy.

We will provide you with the insurance company benefit summaries when you request a quote from us.

We will help you understand the fine print of the health insurance policy and we will also answer all your questions about the insurance companies, and the plan designs.

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