Flexible Health Plans

Health insurance alternatives for individuals and families who cannot afford another 200% increase!

Politics aside, President Trump made a small change to the healthcare bill (just last year) that provides new options to the way we all purchase our health insurance!

FACT: Most Americans say that the cost of their health insurance is too much for them t0 afford, and they are right.

Our new solution to affordable healthcare insurance is offering new “Flexible Health Plans”.

These programs can be customized to fit your individual needs and budgets.

Flexible Health Palns Overview

By giving people the option to choose what they want covered in their policies, Flexible Health Plans provide us all with choice and freedom of plan designs, that lower health insurance costs.

These Flexible Health Plans are saving families and businesses upwards of 80% per month on their health insurance rates.

Here is what our customers are saying about these new medical polices:

If you or your family are paying over $300 per month for health insurance, then message us about designing a flexible health insurance program custom fit to your lifestyle and budget.

These Flexible Health Plans cost less than plans that comply with the ObamaCare plans, although they might cover less. But, if you don’t need all the coverage that comes with the ObamaCare plans, then a Flexible Health Plan might be a good choice.

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Disclaimer = *These programs are not endorsed by President Trump, and they do not cover all the Health Care Bill requirements.

Understand the 2018 benefit (Wisconsin) requirements >>>>click here.

We will provide you with the insurance company benefit summaries when you request a quote from us. We will help you understand the fine print of the health insurance policy and we will also answer all your questions about the insurance companies, and the plan designs. Call today 414-301-2504. We serve all of Wisconsin.