Perception is everything. When it comes to workplace benefits, employers and employees are not on the same page. Many employees undervalue what is a significant investment for employers - employee benefits.

Employers claim that most workers don’t have the time or wherewithal to fully understand and navigate what is perceived as a complex benefits package. Employees become frustrated when they don’t know how their benefits work and which combination of options makes financial sense.

Employee Is Not Happy With Benefits

The only way to effectively change this negative perception is through clear communication and education by the employer. When employees are empowered to make informed decisions to achieve financial security and well-being, they have a positive perception of their benefits and employer. Happy and healthy employees result in a happy and healthy bottom line.

Great Employee Benefit Experience

Benefit Awareness is dedicated to offering customized employee benefits to companies who value the health and financial well-being of their employees. We identify the makeup of each employee population, then design and build insured medical, financial, and wellness programs that fully support specific needs. The result is reduced overall healthcare spending, optimized financial planning, and relevant wellness education. Benefit Awareness provides effective resources and tools to educate employees so employers can focus on running the business.

We help employers enroll employees into their customized benefit programs and educate them along the way. In addition to plan implementation, our consultants work with employers to optimize healthcare management programs to stabilize future healthcare costs.



Benefit Awareness creates a customized benefits website. The website is not only a one-stop shop providing automated benefits administration and educational information, but it also communicates that employers value the well-being of their employees.

Benefits Meeting At Home

A Holistic Balance Sheet is provided to each employee with is as an essential tool to help develop their personal life plan for the short, and long-term. This also includes:

  • Live Hotline for Insurance Questions.

  • A place to go for personalized insurance information and questions.

  • Ongoing Quarterly Wellness Meetings.

  • Benefit Webinars and Fairs.

  • Extensive Financial Vitality Plan:  Ensures ability to provide for one’s family, while comfortably covering living expenses, and maintaining a retirement plan.

  • Our App Keeps Benefit Information at Your Fingertips.