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Our Employee Benefits Meetings

Benefit Awareness is a modern insurance brokerage that aims to provide our clients with the best quality insurance and employee benefit programs available. We partner with insurance brokers & financial advisors to exceed industry standards by providing excellent education, tools, and resources. In turn, these tools and resources help our clients manage their greatest asset, their human capital. We incorporate cutting edge technology and automation into our practice, providing unparalleled customer support, so that our clients can spend more time running their businesses.

In addition to partnering with local insurance companies, brokers & financial advisors, we also partner with health counselors and medical professionals to incorporate good health and well-being into our client programs. Benefit Awareness wants everyone to profit from lower healthcare costs and a greater sense of well-being.

Why choose our independent agency?

Benefit Awareness is strictly independent! If you are shopping your insurance programs, our independent insurance agency will provide you with multiple quotes from competing insurance companies. In our opinion, the more companies we check prices on equals a greater chance of you finding the best rate for you and your family. Because our agency does not solely represent one insurance carrier (like captive insurance agents), we will always give you unbiased advice. Benefit Awareness takes a proactive approach to shopping your insurance policies each year. Our agents get a head start on your shopping when we know you might be receiving an increase in price, so you can always feel assured that your policies are competitively priced.

Benefit Awareness helps our clients add incredible value to their employee benefit portfolios by viewing total health care costs as assets for both employees and the companies who offer our unique programs.

Benefit Awareness custom services for businesses include:

  • Enrollment assistance and roll out of benefits - get your employees excited!

  • Blogging and insurance education - keep your employees educated and engaged!

  • Health management seminars - support your employees with the coaching!

  • Market analysis and presentation - keep employee benefits competitive!

  • Networking between inside and outside representatives - stay informed!

  • Assistance with marketing, project, and deadline management - stay sharp!

  • Carrier communication and follow up - we get things done!

  • Seminar/event coordination and follow up - always prep & prepare!

  • Finalist meetings including renewals, and enrollment engagement - That’s us, Benefit Awareness!

Team Benefits Team Meeting

We look forward to having the opportunity to establish a healthy and beneficial relationship with you. Please take the time to pass on this information and help us start the trend to lower health care costs. At Benefit Awareness, we want to make America’s employees healthier!