Why Workplace Wellness?

New healthcare rules have been implemented so that insurance companies are now rewarding companies for keeping their employees active and responsible for living healthier lifestyles. Studies show that companies with robust wellness programs “generate 20% more revenue per employee, realize a 16.1% higher market value, and deliver 57% higher shareholder return”, but we all know that it is mostly an attempt to lower health insurance costs.

Unfortunately, on-site wellness programs have been unsuccessful in the past, leaving disgruntled employees unsure of where to go, how to start or what to do when it comes to improving their health, especially here in Wisconsin. Health Care costs have been spiraling out of control for the last decade (health care expenses total 18% of our country's GDP) proving that insurance companies, employers, and even wellness companies have failed as a whole to drive down this stat. But things have changed and Benefit Awareness is doing things a bit differently in your wellness department to help reserve these trends.

Custom Wellness Services:

Benefit Awareness harnesses value for our membership community by providing the strategic partners who improve employee health, quality of care, and assist with reducing health care costs to our South-Eastern Wisconsin members, and their employees.

We are a group of dedicated insurance administrators, health coaches, and employee benefit consultants committed to helping small companies manage the health and wellness of their greatest asset, human capital. We endeavor to optimize health care costs by providing engaging educational programs and tools that benefit the company and the individual.

How We Can Support Your Wellness Mission:

Benefit Awareness provides employees with the education to manage their health care costs and optimize their health and well-being. We utilize a high-quality network of providers to provide well-rounded programs and care coordination.

Our specialized team will partner with your company’s insurance provider to maximize your benefits and discounts, which may even provide an opportunity for government grants. We can help set up on-site health management programs and small-group education sessions. Our team will help your company create a step-by-step wellness program that will provide employees with the resources and education they need to achieve reductions in their health care costs.

Studies show that face-to-face meetings with a coach, packaged with online wellness resources create a more effective wellness program. These studies inspired us to create our broad network of health services and create a valuable service to complement your existing health benefits.

We work with benefit consultants and nurse practitioners to develop:

  • Health risk assessments, reports, and screenings (on-site or off-site).

  • Nutritional planning.

  • Activity counseling.

  • Meal delivery services to your home or office.

  • Discounts on gym programs and nutritional supplements.

  • Educational seminars.

We can also work with our providers to develop custom fitness and educational programs to suit the needs and interests of your office.

Our services are always tailored to fit the needs of each small business and it’s employees. Our coaching can be as simple as providing your employees with the guidance necessary to maximize insurance company rebates and discounts, or more robust like personalized genetic coaching paired with custom lifestyle plans and personal health coaching and other services.

Benefit Awareness corporate discounts and health coaching includes the whole family, not just the employees. It is important provide your employees access to an environment that keeps your employees actively engaged in their “lifestyle” routines, their fitness results are continuously tracked and managed, and the employees are offered ongoing support from personal coaches. When it comes to providing you with the resources and guidance needed to create a happier and healthier workforce Benefit Awareness has you covered.